Sunday, June 12, 2016

LLC #162 & #163

Hello! I am in the process of planning some big events for my local community, but they're a big surprise at the moment so I will hopefully make a post when everything is said and done! For now, here's a couple days of Lifestyle Lolita challenge posts!
Day #162: Photograph your favorite headpiece.

Now, I am a fan of weird, kitschy items, and have more bags shaped like objects than I do useful ones. Of course, my favorite hat also fits in along those lines! I make a beret look like a pancake to fit a coordinate for my Honey Cake jsk, and I can't help love how silly it is.


Day #163: Design a coordinate based on a book.
I was super excited for this one! I received AATP's Le Petit Prince JSK for Christmas last year, and haven't had an opportunity to coordinate it yet! Obviously, it's based off of Le Petit Prince/ The Little Prince, by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, which is my favorite book!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Hiatus? You Don't Say! LLC #160

     I am literally the worst when it comes to commiting to something, like keeping a blog active. I know, I've missed well over 100 days when it came to my goal of completing the Lifestyle Lolita Challenge, but I've been busy while I was gone, I promise! Over Easter weekend, I attended a convention, I've been working my butt off, and last month, I got a chance to visit Portland! (I also sent my computer in to the shop because the back was broken beyond my abilities.) I spent some time with a friend of mine who used to live in the area, as well as some of the Portland lolitas! It's always a treat to get to meet gals from other communities, and I got a chance to wear one of my newly aquired dream dresses while I was at it, so I enjoyed myself quite a bit.
     In regards to the Lifestyle Lolita Challenge, I won't lie when I say it isn't exactly what I expected when I began it. I had thought the focus would be more on ones' wardrobe or coordinating styles, but some of them, I would say are quite a reach to even be related to lolita (Day #147: Accessorize one of your meals with an ambiance being an example.) So from now on, I may skip several of them, and focus on the challenges more directly related to the fashion. I did miss quite a few days I would have loved to do, so my plan is to hopefully create a few master posts that cover some of those as well!
     For now, I'm jumping back in with Day 160:
Share five facts about your lolita wardrobe.
I'm pretty content with my wardobe right now. It's taken me a long time to get it where it is, and it's not perfect, but I have most of my top-priority dresses, and that's pretty satisfying. It also made this challenge sound like a fun one! I'm hoping I don't sound too braggy, I'm just proud of it, haha.
Fact 1: My wardrobe is a hot mess
It's true that I have no theme, color scheme, or set style, but I have enough items that I can make at least one finished coordinate for every main piece I own, and that's good enough for me.
Fact 2: My wardrobe is worth over¥794,000
That's only my main pieces, at what they were worth when released. A lot of them I have gotten good deals on, so I haven't spent that much, but I was curious to find out what it would be! That does not include blouses, shoes, accessories, etc. With today's conversion rates, that's almost $7,500! Wow!
Fact 3: I use Pinterest to keep track of everything
Not even kidding, I forget what I own sometimes, haha. I still don't have everything on there.
Fact 4: I own more blouses/cardigans/tops than I do main pieces
My count for tops is currently at 51, while my JSKs OPs and Skirts add up to 48 right now. I'm currently in the process of downsizing those because some of the tops don't even get worn. I'm not sure where coats fall in those categories, but there are 10 of those.
Fact 5: My favorite themes are animals and food
At least according to my wardrobe, those are tied for "most common reoccuring theme", followed by flowers and sky stuff. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

365 Lifestyle Lolita Challenge- Day 67

Hello all! I'm sorry about the unexpected hiatus, I had a lot come up in the past month. I wanted to go back and make posts to catch up on all the challenges I've missed, but I'm afraid it would get to be much too overwhelming for me, so I'm picking up on the current day instead. 
Day #67: Share your favorite picture of yourself in lolita.

I really wanted to do this challenge because I don't have the greatest self confidence. I don't find myself photogenic, and can always pick out a million flaws in my photos, so I don't often have a photo that I REALLY like. Instead of picking my favorite photo, I decided to challenge myself to pick out my top three photos of all time!

Number 3:
From Easter a few years ago. It'n not the most perfect photo, but 
I really loved this coordinate.

Number 2:
One of my Birthday coordinates from annual tea at the Brown Palace. 
It's not the fanciest of coordinates, especially compared to more 
recent birthday ones, but I really loved how I looked in this photo, and 
just think it's a nice elegant picture overall.

Number 1:
This is from one of the first times I wore Cat's Tea Party! I had gone to the botanic
gardens for a photoshoot with a friend, and wanted to portray a sort of fairy princess
 look. There's a few things Iwould change about the coordinate now, but I think this
photo captures the sort of look I was going for.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

365 Lifestyle Lolita Challenge- Day 34

Day 34: Watch a homemade lolita video.

Since January's wardrobe posts are finally over, I decided to watch a few wardrobe videos on youtube! Since te challenge mentions only one, I decided to share my good friend Jamie's! This is her first time making any sort of wardrobe post. Feel free to check it out!

365 Lifestyle Lolita Challenge- Day 33

Day 33: Go back in time to the first iterations of lolita webstores.

So, orginally I was planning on going back in time to Angelic Pretty's original webstore, or find some sort of reference to the old days when they were still "Pretty", but me searching skills have rendered me useless on this challenge, haha. Instead, enjoy the very first capture of Angelic Pretty's English site, back from October of 2007!
Gotta love that oldschool art! I still print off the coloring page version of this every once in a while!

Monday, February 1, 2016

365 Lifestyle Lolita Challenge- Day 32

Whew, I made it to February, and got caught up just in time! 
Day 32: Write about your perfect Valentine's Day lolita meet.

While I'm always kind of on the fence about how I feel when it comes to Valentine's Day, I always love the aesthetic of it! Lots of heart and flower motifs, and red and pink! I think my perfect Valentine's Day meet would have to be something along the lines of an afternoon tea in a cute rose garden! Everyone could exchange handmade valentines, and baked goods! There's already a Valentine's Day meet scheduled for my comm this year, we're going to a free day at the doll museum, and exchanging valentines with everyone like we did in grade school! It'll be lots of fun, but perhaps one year I'll have to make that rose garden tea a reality!

Cat Cafe Meet!

This past weekend, I attended a meet with my comm at a local cat cafe! It opened up last year, but I've been wanting to check it out for a while, so I figured that now would be the perfect time! There's a small admission to get into the cafe, but no time limit, and books and activites to keep you occupied while you're there, if you aren't too focused on the adorable cats! We chatted for a while, snacking on tea and local baked goods while doting over kitties and taking photos. An epic round of Life then ensued, with everyone paired up for teams.

My coordinate for the meet! I wore Vanilla-Chan by Angelic Pretty
Bonus group shot because everyone looked super cute!  Jamie was there too!